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Dog Obedience

Jody Potter


"Training you to train your dog"



Educating dog owners using a balance of positive reinforcement and appropriate correction.  Sharing the joy of dog training with owners to enhance the relationship between their dogs and themselves.  I love to watch a dog that loves to work.  With these proven methods, you and your dog will look forward to your training sessions together!



A seven week session to begin socialization and provide a foundation of basic motivational obedience.  The first class is without your puppy in order to explain the learning curve and typical puppy behavioral tendencies.  This program is for puppies from eight to sixteen weeks of age.  Adult dogs are not permitted as they may scare young pups and introduce fear behaviors.



Learn the basics……sit, down, come, stay and heel.  This seven week session is for dogs of five months age or older.  The course uses a motivational style rather than more forceful dominance techniques. The first class is without your dog.


These private lessons prepare you and your dog for obedience competition in AKC, UKC or Schutzhund.


No time to do the training yourself?  Send your dog to stay with Jody for a four-week or eight-week training program.   The four-week program covers basic obedience and two private lessons with the owner.  The eight-week session covers advanced obedience, two private lessons and my training consultations (limit of one per month) with your dog for the remainder of its life!  What could be more comprehensive?  If interested, give me a call and we’ll discuss your dog’s individual needs.


In-home evaluation and instruction for you and your dog addressing basic obedience and behavioral problems.  These may include problems such as jumping, housebreaking, biting and barking.



·        Private lessons

·        Tracking

·        Puppy Aptitude Assessment

·        Advanced Obedience

·        Breeding, artificial insemination and whelping services

·        In-home training

·        In-Kennel Training...  call for participating facilities


Classes are limited to no more than 8 dogs per class to provide individualized attention.  


Jody’s training is recommended by many area veterinarians!



Jody has been training professionally for over eighteen years.  For the past three years, she developed and implemented a comprehensive obedience training program at a local boarding kennel.  Previously, she spent four years training guide dogs for the blind at Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Connecticut.  For the last eight years, Jody was Director of the Foster Family Program for Fidelco.  Some of her responsibilities included providing training for the foster families raising puppies for guide dog work and motivational pet obedience classes for the public.  She has trained her own German shepherd dog (pictured with Jody on the front of this brochure) to attain the level of Schutzhund III in national competitions.

Jody has a strong background in puppy raising, problem solving and behavior  modification.  She has many years of experience breeding high quality German shepherd dogs for use with the visually impaired, the police and personal pets.  Jody has worked with hundreds of puppies during her career and was instrumental in the testing of more than 150 litters to determine which pups were appropriate for which type of work.